St. Paul Al-Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Minutes of the August 12, 2008 Meeting

Groups represented:


Concept 7: The Trustees have legal rights while the rights of the Conference are traditional.

July Minutes: Read and approved

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported that we were looking good financially in July. Group and individual contributions have tapered off. Please encourage your group and individual members to keep Intergroup in mind.

Election: A volunteer is interested in the Vice-Chair position and organizing Gratitude Night. She has been a grateful member of Al-Anon for 25 years and her service is greatly appreciated! She was nominated to the position of Vice Chair and was voted in.

Intergroup Representative reports

Uptown, Thursday 9:30am
Group attendance is okay and the group is very active as far as service is concerned.
Heights & Lights
Happy to be here and represent group!
You Are Not Alone Al-Anon
The meeting is strong and doing well.
White Bear Lake Monday 10:00am
The group has been getting a lot of newcomers since moving to their new location and is starting to grow.

Officer and Committee Chair Reports and Announements

Sent out an e-mail regarding the need of a Vice-Chair. Someone responded! A couple of Al-Anon members from LA came to her group and shared their involvement in Al-Anon. She also reminded Intergroup what a great opportunity the Chair position is and hopes that someone is considering the position when she rotates out.
Vice Chair
Happy to jump in and help out with service.
He also plans to rotate out at the end of this year.
Speakers chair
There have been two requests for speakers in the last month. He has been working on getting the speakers organized.

Old Business:

July 19th Open Meeting
Two volunteers sold literature and reported on what a great experience it was. $775 was sold during the meeting.
The Chair has dropped off literature at the Veteran’s Home and a woman’s shelter in Cottage Grove. Please consider adopting a spot in the upcoming year!
Old Computer Equipment
Kathy will talk to Minneapolis to see if they are interested. The old equipment needs to be moved out of the office due to it being a fire hazard. Two members are willing to wipe the memory clean to protect data privacy

New Business:

Fellowship Weekend
This is coming up August 22-23 at the Ramada in Brooklyn Park. Volunteers and food donations are needed for the Intergroup hospitality suite. We are serving dinner Friday at 5:00 and breakfast Saturday at 8:30. Vegetarian dishes, salads, and desserts are needed Friday evening. We are serving bagels, juice, and coffee on Saturday. Fruit and other breakfast foods would be very much appreciated. Volunteers to serve during these times are very welcome! We need groups to donate side salads and desserts for dinner Friday. We are also in need of volunteers to help out.
Gratitude Night
A volunteer will do a small flyer to distribute at Fellowship Weekend to start getting the word out..
Office Volunteers
A request was made to cover a disabled volunteer’s transportation costs on the days that she volunteers in the office. She must pay Metro Mobility $5 each time she volunteers. The group decided this was a special circumstance and voted yes to reimburse the $5 per shift transportation cost.
New Literature
Discovering Choices is now available in the Intergroup Office.
Upcoming Events
The Chair thanked everyone for coming and wanted to remind members about upcoming events
    October 4: Fall Assembly in Blaine
    November 8: Gratitude Night

Meeting closed with the Al-Anon Declaration.

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Edited for the web and posted 20 August 2008