St. Paul Al-Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Minutes of the September 9, 2008 Meeting

Groups represented:


Concept 8: The Board of Trustees delegates full authority for routine management of Al-Anon Headquarters to its executive committee.

Auguest Minutes: Read and approved

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported that there was a nice financial end to August, but that September has been a bit off. There have been few donations and there has been a dip in literature sales. The message needs to be spread that we need help in regard to donations, literature, and volunteers. The office was closed 11 days in August due to a lack of volunteers.

Intergroup Representative reports

St. Stephens, Wednesday 9 am
Everything is going well with her group. She will be cycling out after November.
White Bear Lake Monday 7:00 pm
The Intergroup Rep has been bringing up service opportunities at her meeting.
Uptown Thursday 9:30 am
The Intergroup Rep has been doing service work for many years and is willing to help out the the new Intergroup Rep. He is ready to do different things.

Officer and Committee Chair Reports and Announcements

She thought that Fellowship Weekend went well. She wants to get the word out to groups that there will be service positions open next year and there are plenty of people willing to be service sponsors.
Vice Chair
She has taken on Gratitude Night and reports that things are going well.
He would like to rotate out of the Treasurer position and reports that he has tried to smooth out the process for the next Treasurer. He continues to mention this opportunity at meetings.
Office volunteer chair
She wouldn‘t mind a replacement for Volunteer Coordinator. She will spread the word at her group and is willing to go through December when she will rotate out.

Old Business:

Fellowship Weekend
Feedback was positive. It was fun and well organized. The Chair mentioned the need to get the word out that a credit card had to be used as a deposit on the room. Need to inform the next chair about this. It was also mentioned that it would be nice to have more involvement from St. Paul in the planning. Meetings close to St. Paul might help. Sue mentioned that there was a lot of food left over from breakfast. Root beer floats and hot dogs were a hit for dinner Friday night.
Old Computer Equipment
Minneapolis does not want the old equipment. It will be wiped clean for sensitive data and recycled.

New Business:

South Area Assembly
Please encourage Group Reps to attend on October 4.
Gratitude Night
Gratitude Night will be November 8. The Vice Chair reports that it will be a Potluck and that Intergroup will be providing enchiladas. She thinks that attendance will be big and will have the flyers ready next month. She has excellent AA and Al-Anon speakers but is still working on the Alateen speaker. A preliminary budget of $700.00 was voted on and approved. There is a need for volunteers in the following areas: decorations, set up, literature, clean up, and daycare. Call the Vice Chair to sign up.

Meeting closed with the Al-Anon Declaration.

Respecfully submitted by the Intergroup Secretary

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Edited for the web and posted 10 October 2008