St. Paul Al-Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Minutes of the November 18, 2008 Meeting

The meeting was opened at 7:05 pm, November 18, 2008 with the Serenity Prayer.

Groups represented:


Concept 10: Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority and double-headed management is avoided.
Concept 11: The World Service Office is composed of selected committees, executives and staff members.

October Minutes: Read and approved

Treasurer’s Report: a Question arose about what to do about 2 checks written on our account in April that had not been cashed. The Chair & Treasurer will report back next month on what they can track down. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as provided.

The Treasurer is hoping someone will replace him as Intergroup Treasurer on January 1.

Intergroup Representative reports

Uptown Thursday 9:30 am
The group averages 15-20.
Inner Peace Al-Anon
The group studies the Steps, Traditions and Concepts. Day care is available.
The member present is willing to be nominated for the position of Vice Chair. She is also willing to serve again as the Alateen Chair. It is Minnesota’s turn to host the annual Alateen Midlake convention. This is a tri-state Alateen gathering with as many as 200 teens attending. They are required to provide one adult for every 4 teens. The cost is about $150 so there will be fundraising to be done. There was only one Alateen group represented from our area last year.
White Bear Lake Monday 7:00 pm
The Intergroup Rep was excited to report her group has grown to the point where they have to split (more than 12). She is still looking for a GR to replace her.
Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm
The Midway club has been in existence for many decades. The Wednesday group is small at this time, usually fewer than 4-6 members with some long time membership. Come visit – be sure to offer this group to people looking for a meeting. The Intergroup Rep is willing to serve as the Office Volunteer Coordinator next year.
Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm
The group has 20-30 regular members. She chatted up the 2009 Minnesota South Area calendar as one of the more visible projects from the Minnesota South Area Membership Outreach Action Committee. Several wanted to know how to get one. Calendars are being mailed directly to the groups this year and should be arriving soon. Feel free to make copies. Contact the chair of the Membership Outreach Action Committee if you do not receive one in the near future.
Seminole Al-Anon
The representative had visited the new Spanish group. They want a calendar. He is finishing his term as GR and has been elected as the District Representative for the next panel. He was encouraged to participate in this service.

Officer and Committee Chair Reports and Announcements

She “recycled” the old printer to somewhat welcoming hands (The Lupus Foundation). She expressed her gratitude and joy at having served as the Intergroup chair. “It’s time to rotate out, it was a lot of work, people have put their heart & soul into serving. It has been a wonderful experience.” She encourages all to share minutes and news in their groups and with other members.
Office volunteer chair
She reported that November was a good month for volunteers. She is just starting to work on the December schedule.
Inside literature chair
She will be sending in another literature order soon.

Old Business:

Gratitude Night
The Chair thanked the Vice Chair for doing a fantastic job with arrangements & decorations. Thanks also to her kids for all their help. Thanks to the enchilada maker! Thanks to those who sold literature and arranged for child care, and to everyone who helped clean up. The Minnesota South Area Public Outreach chair was there and pitched in as well.
Those who attended were invited to share their thoughts. Most comments were positive: “People had a wonderful fellowship experience, close, cozy, good feeling, I had a good time.”
There were some concerns expressed about language from the podium, the length of sharing by one of the speakers & overcrowding (what a problem).
It is estimated there were about 200 in attendance. The AA and Al-Anon speakers were well known and brought many who might not otherwise have attended. The Vice Chair will have a lot of experience, strength and hope to share with the next Vice Chair! Live and learn.

New Business:


Be sure to mention these service opportunities to your groups. Job descriptions can be found on the web site ( Elections will be held at the December 9th meeting!

The Vice Chair is willing to serve as chair; her nomination was made and seconded.
Vice Chair
The member from Inner Peace Al-Anon is willing to serve as vice chair. Her nomination was made and seconded.
No one has come forward to be nominated at this time. This is an essential position. If you are not intimidated by numbers, please consider standing for Treasurer.
Assistant Treasurer
No one has come forward to be nominated at this time.
No one has come forward to be nominated at this time.

Coordinator positions

The member from Inner Peace Al-Anon is willing to serve
There were requests for hard copy. The Chair wil coordinate with the Midway rep and the current directory chair.
Group Liaison
A member is willing to go to assemblies.
Inside literature
The current chair will continue for another year.
Two members have agreed to oversee the Region’s ADAP meeting
The current editor will continue for another year.
Office Manager
This will be a cooperative effort with several helping
Office Volunteers
The Midway Wednesdays representative will serve
Outside Literature
Outside Literature
Public Outreach
Speaker Chair
The current chair will continue for another year.
Web Chair
This position is exceptional in that it is shared with Minneapolis Al-Anon/Alateen Information Services. The current chair is willing to continue for another year.

Founder’s Day (Nov. 28 – 30)

Literature sales volunteers are needed. If you are going to attend, contact the chair so she can fill up the schedule. This is an AA event with Al-Anon participation at the Doubletree Hotel in St. Louis Park. The Al-Anon and Alateen speakers are at 3:00 pm Saturday. See the Founder’s Day website for further information (

NEW “A Meeting on Wheels” (Institutions meeting)

The Summit Hill Wednesday member reported attending the first meeting last Thursday. It was a combined meeting for clients, family and staff. The meeting gives a bit of a demonstration of what Al-Anon meetings are about. There is now a list of about 8-10 members willing to participate. The meeting will be held the 2nd Thursday of every month. December & January are booked with 2 members each. Contact her for further information until the speakers chair gets up to speed. A briefcase of materials, including the format, will be stored with the contact person at the ADAP facility.


The meeting closed at 8:15 pm with the Al-Anon Declaration.

Respecfully submitted by the “great American novelist” sitting in for the Intergroup Secretary

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Edited for the web and posted 19 November 2008