St. Paul Al-Anon Intergroup Service Meeting
Minutes – February 14, 2012

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer

Chair, IR for Seekers of Compassion AFG
Vice Chair, IQR for Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon Treasurer, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
Assistant Treasurer, Alternate IR for Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm Al-Anon
IR for Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm Al-Anon

It was noted there was not a quorum (at least 5% of 110 groups = 6) of Intergroup Representatives present.

Tradition 2 and Concept 2 There were readings on both.


The Chair discussed the 2011 audit meeting occurring after the Intergroup meeting.
Vice Chair
No report
The secretary said she would start a three ring binder containing the minutes and handouts from the Intergroup meetings as part of the permanent record.
The Treasurer reviewed the January budget. A large payment was made to the WSO. There was a title change to the budget from Cost of Sales to the new name Cost of Materials. Denise handles the expenses whereas the Assistant Treasurer handles the income for Intergroup.
Assistant Treasurer
The Assistant Treasurer reviewed the January income from sales and contributions. There was extra income received from the sale of literature at the district potluck. To keep it simple it was discussed to put the budget in dollar amounts in the minutes.
Event sales
The chair said that 35 books totaling $540.00 were sold at the district potluck. It was a good event.
Group Liaison
The Group Liaison chair will send an Intergroup letter inviting new groups to Intergroup including Intergroup business cards. She will try to visit more groups to invite them to come to Intergroup meetings or volunteer at the office.
Liaison to Minnesota South Area
The chair attended the February Folderol in Mankato. She had prepared an Intergroup poster which was displayed there.
The Literature chair is on vacation; when she comes back she will place a new big order.
For the new newsletter the chair said only two officers and committee chairs had given personal data as to why they chose to participate in their current role in Intergroup. More officers and committee chairs need to give their input still to the newsletter editor.
Office Volunteers
There is virtually no coverage of the office on Wednesdays. More volunteers are needed since some volunteers go south for the winter. Check the web page ( and contact contact the Office Volunteer Chair if you are able to volunteer.
Speaker Chair
The Speaker Chair is working with with a former Speaker Chair regarding the need for speakers.
Web site/Directory
The web chair reported the web site is up to date. The 2000 and 2004 bylaws are already posted on the web although without a link on the Intergroup home page. He plans to put up such a link soon and hopes to post earlier versions the bylaws. It was discussed if he could put a note on the office volunteer web calendar to let office volunteers know to call the Office Volunteer Coordinator instead to get the most current needs for the office to be covered. This is needed since the web calendar is often not completely up to date.


2011 Audit meeting to be held after the Intergroup meeting.
Cretin-Derham Hall School requested a speaker on Alateen. A member volunteered to go and was planning to take an Alateen member. Unfortunately, the invitation was cancelled because of a scheduling issue.
Bylaws review
One issue in the Bylaws review has to do with whether check signers should be bonded or not. Bonding can create an anonymity issue if a claim ever has to be made. According to the current bylaws, the check signers are supposed to be bonded but they are not currently. A letter will be sent out to the groups for their input to see if the bylaws should be changed so this is not required
Reserve (ample/prudent)
The reserve account is better now than it has been, but the goal is to have it large enough to cover expenses for six months.
Open service positions
It was discussed how to let people know about the open service committee chair positions. These are chairs for Alateen, Archives, Liaison to Minnesota South Area, Public Outreach, Institutions, and Event Sales

The meeting adjourned with the Al-Anon Declaration at 8:00 pm.

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