St. Paul Al-Anon Intergroup Service Meeting
Minutes – April 10, 2012

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer.

Chair, IR Seekers of Compassion Al-Anon
Treasurer, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
Assistant Treasurer, Alternate IR for Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm Al-Anon
Secretary, Redeemer Family Al-Anon
IR for Inner Peace Al-Anon
Literature Chair, Summit Hill Monday 6 pm Al-Anon

Tradition Four and Concept Four There were readings on both. Tradition Four (Each group should be autonomous, except in matters affecting another group or Al-Anon or AA as a whole.) is about how allowing others to make choices is the respectful thing to do. Concept Four reads Participation is the key to harmony..


The Chair asked for information about the Inver Grove Heights Health Fair on 4/18 from 11am to 1pm. A couple of members volunteered to help out.
Vice Chair
There is no date conflict with AA with respect to Gratitude Night. Ours will be 11/10/12. Presbyterian Church of Way in Shoreview has been confirmed as the location.
The minutes of the March meeting were reviewed. The secretary was reminded that it is desirable to include a list of those present at the meeting. She will do this in the future.
The report presented was incomplete because the Treasurer had not received an emailed report from the Assistant Treasurer. She is concerned that Intergroup is spending more than it has been taken in. She will call US Bank to find out how to redeem reward money from the check card, if in fact that is possible. She reported there had been a returned check. The Assistant Treasurer will try to get it made good. The report was approved.
Assistant Treasurer
He had no copies of his report because of an email glitch. He said he believes that income is comparable to what it has been in the recent past. At the request of the chair, he and the Treasurer will write an appeal letter to be sent out. It will include a thanks to the groups that do contribute. The letter should contain the information that Intergroup primarily depends on contributions for its income. Only 15% to 20$ comes form literature sales. We hope to get the prudent reserve up to about $9,000 which would represent about six month's fixed expenses plus a cushion for large literature orders. With more funds, Intergroup could do more publie outreach.
Event sales
Gopher State Roundup is May 25, 26, 27 of this year. In the past we have had sales of $3,000 to $4,000 there. Since there is no event sales chair, the Chair will coordinate volunteer staffing of the literature table at Gopher State.
Group Liaison
No report because the position is open
Liaison to Minnesota South Area
This important position is still open. It involves representing Intergroup at meetings of the AWSC (Area World Service Committee) twice a year as a voting member, and at the Area Assembly twice a year. Talk it up in your group in hopes someone will step forward to do the job. There was no report on the March 29 Assembly since no one active in Intergroup was able to attend. Minutes will appear in the Area newsletter.
The Literature Chair will be placing a large order. Delivery of the last order was very slow.
The Newsletter Editor is moving back to St. Paul soon. She needs content contributions from members. There will probably be a Newsletter out in May.
Office Volunteers
We need more volunteers. In particular, Wednesdays have been particularly hard to staff the office.
Speaker Chair
He is coordinating with the Minneapolis Information Services speaker chair to fill the need for speakers. This is a hopeful development. More cooperation is good.
Web site/Directory
The Web site/Directory chair has added a note on the office volunteer page indicating the calendar my not be up-to-date and that people should call before they come to buy literature.
He pointed out that there had not been a printed directory in a long time, but that there was less need for one that formerly. He is willing to put one out if volunteers are willing to make calls to verify group information. He also said that, even if a printed directory was not produced, a PDF version could be posted on the website.


The Treasurer completed an audit of last year's finances and found no significant problems.
The Treasurer found that our business insurance had lapsed. She will try to get it reinstated.
Spring Open House
As one means of attracting more people to Intergroup, it was suggested we have an open house, possibly with a discount on literature purchases. The Chair will coordinate a June open house with flyers.
Bylaws review
This is ongoing.
Reserve (ample/prudent)
This is ongoing.
Open service positions
The open positions are chairs for Alateen, Archives, Liaison to Minnesota South Area, Public Outreach, Institutions, Group Liaison and Event Sales. A member said she was considering volunteering to be Group Liaison Chair.

The meeting adjourned with the Al-Anon Declaration at 8:00 pm.

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