St. Paul Al-Anon Intergroup Service Meeting
Minutes – July 10, 2012

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer and introductions.

Chair, IR Seekers of Compassion Al-Anon
Vice Chair, IR, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
Treasurer, Alt IR Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
Assistant Treasurer, Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm Al-Anon
IR for Midway Wednesday 6:30 Al-Anon
Literature Chair, IR Summit Hill Monday 6 pm Al-Anon
Chair of Minneapolis Al-Anon/Alateen Informations Services
It was noted that there was NOT a quorum (5% of 110 groups = 6) of Intergroup Representatives present.
Tradition Seven and Concept Seven were read from the July 2012 issue of The Forum.


She reported she had notified the Minnesota South Area of our scheduled 2013 service meetings as well as requesting office hours be included with information about St. Paul Intergroup in the Area calendar.
A letter was sent to Dex One requesting the statement that there was 24 hour answering service available be struck from all listings. She requested that our web address be substituted if there would be no additional monthly fees.
She also reported that there have been no responses to the request for input from the groups on the issue of bonding signatories on the checking account. A draft proposal of revised bylaws will be submitted for review next month.
It was noted that while the ordering deadline for Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2013 has passed, there has been a reprinting done in the past. Also, copies might be obtained or shared with the area and Minneapolis Information Services.
Vice Chair
She updated plans for our annual Gratitude Night (November 10, 2012) with the theme “Name That Tune.”
June minutes prepared by the Chair were reviewed and accepted with the following corrections to the Vice Chair’ report: Gratitude Night will be on November 10
It was also noted that the secretary position is open and that it is an elected position. Consider nominations.
The June expense report was reviewed. It was noted we had not yet paid for our share of the hospitality suite at Fellowship Weekend.
Assistant Treasurer
June income was reviewed. There were sales of $2,645.66.
The Treasurer’s and Assistant Treasurer’s reports were approved without objection.
She reported a new shipment is coming in. It was noted a shipment of free materials arrived from the World Service Office, replenishing our office supply.
Event sales
Coming up, Gratitude Night (11/10), Founder’s Day Weekend (Thanksgiving) and District 20 potluck (January 2013).
Group Liaison
No report.
Liaison to Minnesota South Area
The Chair will attend the Delegate Report Assembly July 21.
No report.
Office Volunteers
Many days remain open in July. The Intergroup Chair and the Office Volunteer Chair will work on updating the volunteer call sheet. We currently have only about 15 active volunteers.
Speaker Chair
No report.
Web site/Directory
Reminder to visit the website and explore all that it offers. You can check out upcoming events on


Questions/Group Concerns
It was noted there was a motion and second with affirmative vote that St. Paul Intergroup purchase and provide up to 15 copies of How Al-Anon Works for the Dakota County Jail.
Fellowship weekend hospitality room
Dinner Friday and Breakfast Saturday are our responsibility this year. The chair suggested a budget of $200 and requested ideas and input from members for consideration next month.
A draft proposal is targeted for the August meeting.
Open service positions
The open positions are chairs for Alateen, Archives, Liaison to Minnesota South Area, Public Outreach, Institutions, and Event Sales. Check the Intergroup web page for descriptions of these positions. All are appointed by the Intergroup Chair.
The Intergroup Secretary is an elected position which is unfilled. Nominations are open.

The meeting adjourned with the Al-Anon Declaration.

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Edited for the web 28 January 2013