St. Paul Al-Anon Intergroup Service Meeting
Minutes – August 14, 2012

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer and introductions.

Chair, IR Seekers of Compassion Al-Anon
Treasurer, Alt IR Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
Assistant Treasurer, Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm Al-Anon
IR for Midway Wednesday 6:30 Al-Anon
Literature Chair, IR Summit Hill Monday 6 pm Al-Anon
Group Liaison Chair, IR Innter Peace Thursday 11 am Al-Anon
IR Uptown Monday 8 pm Al-Anon

It was noted that there was a quorum (5% of 110 groups = 6) of Intergroup Representatives present.


She attended the AWSC meeting Aug. 4 and the District 19-22 meeting Aug. 11, encouraging members to participate in St. Paul Intergroup activities. She also invited participation from Forest Lake members when attending their annual pig roast/speaker meeting. District 19-22 made a financial contribution in response to appeal for cookies, cakes, snacks, etc. for the Fellowship Weekend hospitality room.
Vice Chair
No report, absent due to illness.
The July minutes were reviewed and accepted without objection. The Chair will continue providing minutes until such time as a member is willing to be elected to serve as secretary.
The July expense report was reviewed. Income for July was reported at $2,734.81 and expenses $2,074.08 with a net gain of $660.73. Suggestions were made to clarify expenses on report. The report was approved without objection.
Assistant Treasurer
July income was reviewed. The report was approved without objection.
Event sales
Events at which we will sell literature include the Minnesota South Area Assembly (10/4), Gratitude Night (11/10), Founder’s Day Weekend (11/24) and District 20 potluck (Jan. 2013).
Group Liaison
She visited two groups with information about Intergroup and was positively received.
Liaison to Minnesota South Area
A summary handout was provided. The 2012 Conference Summary is now available on-line at the WSO members web site (
A new order was sent to WSO last week. We will need additional orders in September as we plan for upcoming event sales.
The Chair reported that the plan is for a September newsletter. Submissions are requested on several topics and personal sharings.
Office Volunteers
There are still 6 or 7 open days on the calendar in August. An updated volunteer list is being produced as there are only 15-20 active volunteers at this time.
Speaker Chair
No report.
Web site/Directory
Reminder to visit the website and explore all that it offers. You can check out upcoming events on


A draft proposal was reviewed. There were many suggestions for content and clarity to be taken up at September meeting.
Insurance update
The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer will continue exploring insurance coverage for office content, personal injury and officer liability. Risk and benefit must be weighed against the reality of revenue.
Hospitality room at Fellowship Weekend
Dinner Friday and Breakfast Saturday are our responsibility in the Hospitality Suite this year. The Chair suggested a budget of $150 offering cold vegetable/cheese/meet kabobs for Friday evening and oatmeal with condiments and fruit for Saturday breakfast. She will oversee food preparation but would like others to step forward to deliver and serve.
Open House
Planning is under way for October with the date to be determined
Open service positions
The open positions are chairs for Alateen, Archives, Liaison to Minnesota South Area, Public Outreach, Institutions, and Event Sales. Check the Intergroup web page fordescriptions of these positions. All are appointed by the Intergroup Chair.
The Intergroup Secretary is an elected position. Nominations are open.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm with the Al-Anon Declaration.

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Edited for the web 13 September 2012