St. Paul Al-Anon Intergroup Meeting
Minutes – November 13, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Chair, IR Seekers of Compassion Al-Anon
Vice Chair, IR Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
IR Your Are Not Alone Al-Anon, White Bear Lake
Treasurer, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm Al-Anon
Alternate IRSummit Hill Monday 6 pm Al-Anon
Alternate IR, Uptown Monday Al-Anon 8 pm Al-Anon

It was noted a quorum (5% of 111 groups = 6) of Intergroup Representatives (IRs) was NOT present.


She reminded all that nominations for officers will be taken at the December meeting prior to elections. Consider your willingness to continue serving and encourage other members to participate in service with St. Paul Intergroup.
Vice Chair
She reported on a successful Gratitude Night. Several suggestion and ideas will be passed to the next vice-chair in charge. Thank you notes will be sent to speakers and M.C. A $50 contribution will be sent for use of the facility.
The minutes of October 9 meeting were approved without objection.
Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer
Note was made of the continuing stability of funds even with the additional expense of an annual insurance premium. It was noted October deposits were above average due to assembly sales and contributions.
No report.
No report.
Speaker chair
No report.
Website/Directory – visit soon and often!
Group liaison
No report.
Event sales
Gratitude Night sales totaled $354. Contributions of $75 helped offset expenses of $283.
Liaison to Minnesota South Area
The next area meetings are February and April 2013
Office manager
The copier cartridge has been successfully replaced.
Public outreach
Thanks to the members who helped staff a table at the annual Hamm Clinic Health & Wellness Fair and the Dakota County Jail Resource Fair. Regions ADAP will contact us with a request for participation in their family program.
An order from the WSO was received today


The Treasaurer was nominated to serve a 2nd term. There were no other nominations.
Bylaws draft
Because we did not have a required quorum of Intergroup Representatives, a vote to approve proposed Bylaws changes was tabled until the December meeting. Background information was discussed.
Open house
As there has been no mailing of flyers to groups, those present were asked to help carry the message by taking multiple copies and distributing them. It was noted flyers were available at the Assembly, Gratitude Night and on our Web Events page. Flyers will also be available at Founder’s Day Weekend.
Officer and Service Committee responsibility and guidelines
Responsibility and guideline sheets have been created. Please review/revise as needed.
Open Officer and Service Committee positions
Elections for the 5 officers will be held at the December 11th meeting. Service Committee Chairs are filled by volunteer and appointment by the newly elected Intergroup Chair. Check the web site for general information about all services provided by St. Paul Al-Anon Alateen Intergroup.

The meeting adjourned with the Al-Anon Declaration at 7:45 pm.

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