St. Paul Al-Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Minutes of Intergroup Meeting November 12, 2013

The meeting was convened at 7:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer.

Vice Chair and acting Chair, IR, Uptown Tuesday 6:30 pm A
Secretary, IR Uptown Monday 8 pm
Treasurer, IR, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm
Assistant Treasurer, IR Midway 6:30 pm
IR, Inner Peace Thursday 11 am Al-Anon
Speaker chair, IR, Fireside Al-Anon
IR, Compassion Al-Anon, St. Paul
IR, Superior St. Al-Anon
Member, Uptown WSaturday 12:30
Member, Uptown Tuesday 9:30 am


1. Recap of recent Events
a. 4th Step Workshop
It was successful. Attendance was about 30. It went well and the presentations were good. This could be repeated again.
b. Gratitude Night
It was last weekend and the tables were all full. The food and speakers were good. Next time we could start the game earlier and have fewer songs, maybe 12 not 30.
Gifts (books) were given to the winning table of the game, this should not be repeated next year as it is too expensive; use love gifts instead.
One larger food table would be helpful as well as greeters standing at the doors. We ran out of regular coffee; make more than 55 cups next year and less decaf.
2. Office issues
Copier: We are still looking into options for a new copier to make copies of newsletters and flyers (about 150 at a time) that are currently copied at a store.
Computer: An Al-Anon member who has helped with our computer in the past has indicated he plans to donate a Windows 7 Computer to replace our current XP computer at the office.
3. Nominations for 2014
Our bylaws prescribe that nominations for Intergroup officers for the following year start at the November meeting. Additional nominations may be made at the December meeting at which the actual elections take place.
The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer are at the end of 2 years in their positions so those positions need to be replaced by new people.
The Vice Chair and Acting Chair was nominated for the 2014 Chair. The nomination was seconded.
THe Treasurer nominated herself as 2014 Treasurer. The nomination was seconded after there was consensus that the two year limitation could be set aside.
The current Secretary was renominated for another term. She said she would be willing only if the position was shared. Another member volunteered to share the duties of Secretary. He was nominated as co-Secretary and both nominations were seconded.
There were no nominations for the Assistant Treasurer postion. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour per week. It is most conventient for someone who volunteers at the office.
The current Speaker Chair said he would be willing to continue in that position. It is not elective.
4. Gratutude Night
Fireside Al-Anon, which meets at the Presbyterian Church of the Way where Gratitude Night has been held in recent hears, has indicated willingness to be responsible for planning it. The issue was tabled until next year.
5. Founder’s Day literature sales
One of the Al-Anon co-chairs for Founder’s Day wants Al-Anon literature to be available. She is willing to be in charge of sales there herself. A motion was made and seconded to approve the arrangement.


Vice Chair, Acting Chair
Her report was part of earlier discussion. She suggested we all share the news that all groups should send an Intergroup Representative to the monthly meetings.
Minutes of the October meeting were reviewed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes after a few typographical errors were pointed out.
The Treasurer reported total assets $12,345. Total income for last month was $1,102. This was less than the total expenses which included a quarterly sales tax payment of $657. The yearly total excess of income over expenses is currently $1,024.
How to receive reimbursements for Intergroup expenses: There is a form to fill out for reimbursements that the Treasurer has. It is also available in the office.
Assistant Treasurer
Total sales were higher than expected for the month at $2,091. Contributions were about average at $920.
No report. No one has heard anything from the Newsletter editor.
Office Volunteers
Open position
Speaker Chair
Everything is fine.
Web site/Directory
The website is up to date. On the front page there is a link to the office volunteers calendar and open dates. A great service opportunity is to answer phones after hours at home. He is working on updating the Intergroup email list.
Public Outreach
A member staffed a table at a Resource Fair for inmates at the Dakota County Jail.
No report
Group Liaison
Event Sales
Liaison Minnesota South Area

The meeting closed at 8:08 pm with the Al-Anon Declaration.

The next meeting will be December 10 at 7 pm at the Griggs Midway building.

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