St. Paul Al‑Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Minutes of December 9, 2014 Meeting

The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer.

Chair, IR, Uptown Tuesday 6:30 pm A
Vice Chair, IR, New Brighton Thursday 5:30 pm AFG
Co-Secretary, NE Minneapolis Monday 8 pm
Co-Secretary, Website Chair, IR, Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm
Newsletter Chair, IR, Monday Midway Men’s 7:15 pm
Treasurer, IR, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm
Literature Chair, IR, Summit Hill Monday 6 pm
Newsletter Editor, IR, Midway Men's Al-Anon, 7:15 pm
Office Manager, IR, Inner Peace Al-Anon, Mahtomedi
IR, Compassion Al-Anon, St. Paul
IR, Superior Street Al-Anon Monday 11:30 am

There were readings on Tradition 12 and Concept 12.

It was noted that a quorum (5% of groups, that is, 6 or more) was present so substantive business could be done.


1. Additional nominations for 2015
There was none. The secretary and assistant treasurer positions are still open with no volunteers at this time to take on these roles for 2015.
Service Committee chairs needed include speaker chair, event sales chair, public outreach chair and Liaison to Minnesota South Area Assembly.
2. Elections for 2015 Officers
Since the 8 IRs present constitute a quorum, elections could procede.
It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that nominations for Chair be closed and that a unanimous ballot be cast for the 2014 Chair.
It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that nominations for Vice Chair be closed and that a unanimous ballot be cast for the 2014 Vice Chair.
It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that nominations for Treasurer be closed and that a unanimous ballot be cast for the Newsletter Editor.
The Assistant Treasurer arrived at this point and expressed her willingness to serve as Assistant Treasurer for 2015. She was so nominated and seconded and then it was voted unanimously that nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for her.
With these votes, all 2015 officer positions except Secretary are filled.
The current Literature Chair, Newsletter Editor, Website/Directory Chair, Institutions Chair and Office Manager were reappointed to serve in 2015. The Speaker Chair has indicated that he will not continue.
3. Open Service Committee Positions for 2015
These are Group Liaison, Event Sales, Liaison to Minnesota South Area, Alateen, Speaker, Archives, and Public Outreach
4. Update on position guidelines
The Chair emailed these to everyone. Please update and return.
5. Questions/Concerns/Other business
It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that we spend $93 to purhcase 150 English copies and 25 Spanish copies of Al-Anon Faces Alsoholism 2015. In 2014, the numbers ordered were 100 and 25 and they were dispersed by September.
Thanks to the efforts of a volunteer, We now have a “go” bag of items for public outreach. This will make it easy to “grab and go” to any event. She also typed up forms for literature to be checked out and returned to help streamline this process.
We discussed whether to pay the expenses of someone to attend the Folderol in February. It would cost about $300. The Chair indicated she would like to go if her schedule permits it. It was moved, seconded and unanimously voted the pay the Chair’s expenses up to $300. She will report back to Intergroup about the event. The Chair also said she would consider serving as Liaison to the Minnesota South Area.


She will send information about the open positions to the Newsletter Editor to go in the January newsletter. The deadline for submission of items to the newsletter is January 2nd
Vice Chair
No report.
Minutes of the November meeting had been emailed out and will be posted online.
The income for November was $2,671 and expenses were $1,206 but we have open literature payments we need to make.It was moved, seconded and voted to accept the treasurer's report.
Assistant Treasurer
Her report was given to the Treasurer and was included in the Treasurer’s report.
The Assistant Treasurer will send a list of groups and individual donors to the editor to list in the newsletter and one of the office volunteers will send a list of office statistics to him by January 2nd. Email whatever you want to be in the newsletter to the editor by January 2nd.
6 to 10 members a week are attending the meeting at Fellowship Club now. The $100 start up loan has been paid back and money is coming in. The six month trial granted this adventure is up next month so we will have to vote on whether we wish to continue it or not.
He had a meeting with a website designer and discussed whether it would be beneficial to redesign the website. A change will take quite a lot of work and will not be happening soon.

The meeting closed at 8:02 pm with the Al-Anon Declaration.

The next meeting will be January 13, 2015 at 7 pm at the Griggs Midway building.

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Edited for the web 1 January 2015