St. Paul Al-Anon/Alateen Intergroup Minutes
Meeting April 12, 2011

The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer

Concept 4 – Participation is the key to harmony – was read. Members shared their thoughts on the Concept.

Introductions and Roll Call
Present were the Chair, the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer, the Newsletter editor and other Intergroup Representatives. There being 6 voting members (more than 5% of groups) a quorum was present.

The Chair’s vision for St. Paul Al-Anon/Alateen Intergroup in 2011: to strengthen stronger links between St. Paul Intergroup and Al-Anon districts, groups, and Minnesota South Area. It would be beneficial to have formal liaisons connecting these Al-Anon servcce arms. One reason this is needed is because many members have little understanding of the role of St. Paul Intergroup.

Intergroup is needed as much as ever. Newcomers are always arriving in our program. At recent meetings of the Uptown Beginners’ meeting there have been over 50 people present.

Intergroup Reports

The Treasurer reported March contributions of about $1,016 and literature/medallion sales of $2,172.
On the expense side, $650 was paid for rent, $150 to Minneapolis Information Services as our share in supporting the website and after hours phone answering, $109 for phone and internets service, $59 for yellow page advertising, $2,062 to WSO to purchase literature, $75 for a Gratitude Night related expense, $23 for fax expense related to literature purchases and $25 to WSO as a contribution (all numbers rounded to nearest dollar).
The checking account balance on 3/31/11 was $3,l853 and the prudent reserve accoutn balance as $3,280. It was noted this was down $5,000 in the 15 months since January 2010
It was moved, seconded and approved unanimously to discontinue our monthly contribution to WSO.
It was decided we need to add a graphic display of our finances to the newsletter. The newsletter is a great tool to inform others about St. Paul Intergroup. The deadline is to get the newsletter out the first part of May.
Double Dimer Program
The Assistant Treasurer described the program. It was established about 15 years ago to encourage contributions from individuals who could afford it. The idea was for individuals to pledge contributions equivalent to two dimes (20¢) per day, or about $6 per month. There are envelopes for sending the contributions. We discussed putting an envelope with the next newsletter. In recent years, the program has faded almost to the point of invisibilty through lack of attention.
We discussed having an ice cream social to kick off getting the program active. A planning committee was set up. A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to have such an event, with a maximum of $500 to be spent in preparing for it. The event will start at 11:30 on July 30th in Cherokee Park.
2011 budget
Intergroup’s prudent reserve is way down, and we don’t have have a clear grasp of our expected income and expenses. The chair, treasurer and assistant treasurer will meet and try to come up with a budget forecast
Midlake Alateen Convention
A flyer from the Midlake Alateen Convention was read. It requested a contribution to help cover the expenses of teens and sponsors. After some discussionk a motion was made, seconded and voted that Intergroup would not contribute this year. Instead, members present said they would bring the flyer to their groups and encourarge Al-Anon members to make individual contributions.
Further outreach ideas
The possibility of having an outreach Pizza night was discussed. No action was taken.

The meeting adjourned a little after 8:30 pm.

Open Positions

Al-Anon / Alateen members are needed to fill the following elected positions for the remainder of 2011:
     Vice Chair

Also needed are members willing to serve in the following volunteer positions:
    Outside Literature Chair (sales at events)
    Volunteer Chair (current chair would like to retire)
    Alateen Chair
    Office Manager
    Public Outreach Chair
    Liaison to the Minnesota South Area
    Liaison to Minneapolis Information Services
    Intergroup Archives
    Double-Dimer Chair

Edited for the web 7 May 2011

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