St. Paul Al‑Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Minutes of Intergroup Meeting October 14, 2014

The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer.

Chair, IR, Uptown Tuesday 6:30 pm A
Vice Chair, IR, New Brighton Thursday 5:30 pm AFG
Co-Secretary, NE Minneapolis Monday 8 pm
Co-Secretary, Website Chair, IR, Midway Wednesday 6:30 pm
Treasurer, IR, Summit Hill Wednesday 5 pm
Newsletter Chair, IR, Monday Midway Men’s 7:15 pm
IR, Compassion Al-Anon, St. Paul
Literature Chair, IR, Summit Hill Monday 6 pm
IR, Serenity Seekers Al-Anon, Wednesday 10 am
IR, Superior Street Monday 11:30 am Al-Anon

There were readings on Tradition 10 and Concept 10.

It was noted that a quorum (5% of groups, that is, 6 or more) was present so substantive business could be done.


1. Additional nominations for 2014 open positions
There was none.
2. SPIG inventory: Questions 15 – 19
Q 15: Are there enough office volunteers? No, though we have improved coverage we still cannot quite cover every day of the month and rely heavily on some individuals. We also are in great need of after-hours home phone volunteers.
Q 16: How do we encourage more member participation? This led to a discussion on clarifying for members what the Area, Intergroup and District all do.
Q 17: How do we train/orient/update volunteers? There is a manual that is rarely used.
Q 18: Are service meeting updates and newsletters available to volunteers? Yes, we send out the minutes and newsletters electronically and to some people in hard copy.
Q19: Do we have a full supply of Conference Approved Literature and medallions available for sale? We have a lot of materials in stock but we do not always have everything in stock because we can't afford to keep huge reserves of materials on hand. Potentially some of our reserves could be used for this purpose.
More questions will be addressed next month.
3. Report on Dakota County Resource Fair October 2
About 4 of 100 inmates spent meaningful time at our table. Some others took bookmarks and pamphlets.
4. Update: Calling groups to update information and invite Intergroup Representatives
Since the last meeting there have been some updates made.
5. Discussion: What do we do with extra money?
No one was sure what this business item meant. There is not a lot of extra money. Our next appeal letter is going out next month and the Chair will ask for volunteers/officers and the Treasurer will add the monetary ask to this. Two IRs will print and mail the letter.
6. Updating position guidelines
The Chair will email out position guidelines to current volunteers so that we may update them for next year.
7. Update on purchasing a copier
The IR pursuing this is shopping around for a copier/printer with a $500 budget. He expects to have one in the next few months.


Vice Chair
He is working on Gratitude Night preparations for November 8th. We need volunteers to sell literature and to set things up. The Chair is willing to sell literature but not haul it. An IR volunteered to pack the literature box and another volunteered to sell literature.
It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the September meeting as presented.
The Treasurer reported positive net income of $530 for the month with total expenses of $2,682 and total receipts of $3,212.
A newsletter was recently sent out. The Newsletter Editor requested his email be corrected in the roster
Office Volunteers
We still have two openings for October.
Speaker chair
He would like a replacement for next year and has been asking around.
The website is up to date. There are two or three changes to the directory for metro area meetings per month. Also, there are now links to the WSO Twitter and Facebook sites.
Institutions meeting at Hazelden Fellowship Club
The meeting is small. We have recouped from the 7th Tradition basaket about $60 of $120 we originally spent for getting it started.

We need IRs for next year and officers. Please bring in new volunteers!

The next meeting will be November 11, 2014 at 7 pm at the Griggs Midway building.

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Edited for the web 13 November 2014